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Jennifer Aniston’s haircolourist spills secrets about Rachel Green’s iconic

Jennifer Aniston’s haircolourist spills secrets about Rachel Green’s iconic haircut

Jennifer Aniston’s colourist, Michael Canalé, has come forth sharing how the Hollywood actress’s hair has evolved over the years. 

Talking to Us Weekly, the man who created the Rachel Green’s cut, revealed that the starlet gets her hair refreshed every five weeks. 

“We refresh the color every five weeks, if anything needs correcting we do that,” Canalé told INSIDER.

Referring to when Aniston had to deviate from her usual colour for a movie role, such as in Dumplin, where her hair was blonder than normal, he said, “Sometimes she has to do a movie so we do a blonder look.”

“For some of these movies they go a little bit too blonde and then we have to repair the hair and get it back into shape. It usually only takes one or two times to pull it back together,” he added.

Canalé blends Aniston’s highlights to look as natural as possible.

“It’s seamless, effortless color,” he said. “It’s always that way and we always pop that front hairline up so it goes better with her skintone and her eyes.

“We do a golden look from behind the hairline and the hairline is actually done in a sandy tone to bring out her eye color and to soften her Greek skintone.”

Talking about ‘The Rachel’s’ cut, Canalé revealed that people are still obsessed with that. 

“People still love that Jennifer Aniston blend-out,” he said.

In fact, Canalé, who has also coloured the hair of Heidi Klum, Kate Hudson, Shakira, and Penelope Cruz, explained that Aniston’s color is growing in popularity again as people opt for more natural looks.

“Ombre is over,” he said. “We’re still doing a darker back but we’re doing seamless highlights that connect. It has the illusion of a darker back but it has a better blend-out. We still keep the front popped.

“It’s like instead of having highlights that are three to five inches away from the root, we’re having a blend of seamless highlights that connect, and we might do a color blend just to soften and pull the highlight color closer to the natural, like a blended highlight that goes into the base.”

Highlighting hair in this way means the color looks natural as it grows out too, as if the hair was lightened by the sun.

“It looks just like ‘The Rachel,'” he added.

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