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10 Best Movies Of RDJ In Which He isn’t Iron-man.

The Year was 2008 when an actor with a bad past was elected to play the role of a character which still remains in our heart even though his character died in the movie He who kick started the carer of the MCU yes we are talking about none other than Robert Downey Jr, for portraying Iron-Man for almost more than a decade. But though his biggest fans will remember him as Iron-man there are some more movie of him that is worth watching. RDJ’s accomplishments go far beyond just playing the “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Tony Stark”. For example his faultless comic timing and one liner has given more charm to his characters. So Fandom Wire has decided to compile some of RDJ’s best movies apart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe one, though it may sound a bit tough than inventing a time travel, but here is the list and among them are two movies which made him earn double Academy Award nominations.

10 Weird Science Released On 1985:

9 Charlie Bartlett Released in 2007:

8 Bowfinger Released On The Year 1999:

7 The Tropic Thunder Released On 2008:

6 Sherlock Holmes Hit The Theaters In 2009:

5 Natural Born Killers Released In 1994:

4 Good Night, And Good Luck Released In The Year 2005:

3 Chaplin In 1992:

2 Zodiac In 2007:

1 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang In 2005:






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