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One Die-Hard Kim Kardashian Fan Is Changing Her Body To Look Like Kim.

One Kim Kardashian fan will stop at nothing to look like her Keeping Up With The Kardashians idol. The fan spends 6 hours a day changing her body.

Jennifer Ward is a 28-year-old Instagram celeb who devotes most of her day to changing her body, so it looks more like the figure of a certain Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. Ward wants to look exactly like ultra-rich KKW beauty CEO, Kim Kardashian, and she’s certainly making astonishing progress.

Kim Kardashian has honed her image to a fine point over the years, and her look is so distinct. Known for her hair, which is usually long and dark, her neutral makeup palette and her tiny waist, she’s often decked out in body-conscious designs that leave little to the imagination. Her style is influential on a grand scale, thanks to her reality TV appearances, her famous husband, Kanye West, and her other ventures, including her law studies, KKW beauty brand, and massive social media following. Kardashian currently has 177.8 million Instagram followers. Jennifer Ward isn’t at that pinnacle of fame and influence, but she’s trying, with 93.6k Insta followers and counting. Jennifer is from Los Angeles and she’s getting attention thanks to her hard-won resemblance to Kim K.

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Read More: One Die-Hard Kim Kardashian Fan Is Changing Her Body To Look Like Kim.

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