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‘China’s Taylor Swift’ expresses her Christian faith in new crossover album

G.E.M.’s new album, Revelation, tells a longer story of a conversation with God.

Gloria, no need to fear
Gloria, there’s no fear in love
My love will stream endlessly
My love will heal all scars

One of the most popular Chinese singer/songwriters, G.E.M., has brought her Christian faith to the forefront of her new album, Revelation. In early August, G.E.M. released the first music video for the work, for her new song “Gloria,” which has already been viewed nearly 3 million times.


G.E.M. revealed in an interview with A Day Magazine that “Gloria” was actually the English name given to her by her father and one she still uses in private. She explained that one day she was in the shower when the melody for “Gloria” came to her. From there she began playing around with the concept of inserting her own name into the song, while simultaneously using the word for its Christian implications. She said: 

“It was presented to everyone without a frame, and it was an immersive experience for the audience, walking with me through those moments of pain, despair, and redemption.”

The video for “Gloria” opens up with a shot of a teary-eyed G.E.M. amidst a wasteland, who is suddenly struck as a light begins to shine upon her. With a post apocalyptic aesthetic, G.E.M. finds herself standing before a sign that welcomes her to the “Afterland,” however she is blocked by a barrier as she tries to approach it. 

Through vivid visual imagery, G.E.M. tells a story of finding one’s faith in a world that has abandoned such ideals. She meanders through a desert and what looks like the remains of a church before coming to a body of water. Falling to her knees in a desperate prayer, she sees the waters suddenly part and reveal a door that casts an incredible light upon the artist.

In an interview with China Christian Daily, G.E.M. said of the work: 

“In this world where love is badly needed, I trust what I can do is to try my best to create works that make people once again see the love, believe in love, and return to love. So it doesn’t matter how many setbacks there are on the way, as long as I can finish them.”


G.E.M., whose real name is Deng Ziqi, has long been considered among the top singers in Chinese pop music. When she was 16 years old, the Hong Kong native released her first EP, “G.E.M,” which stands for “Get Everybody Moving” and would later be chosen as her moniker. 

Within six years of her debut, she appeared on the Chinese singing competition I am a Singer 2, which cemented her as a mainstay in China’s music industry. Ziqi has become one of the most respected artists of her generation for her musicianship.

According to Christianity Today, Ziqi has been called “China’s Taylor Swift,” and her vocal range has earned her the nickname “the Girl Singer with Iron Lungs.” She also boasts the most YouTube views of any Chinese musician, with over 200 million views. 


“Gloria” is just the first…

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