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Married At First Sight UK’s Paul Brunson Admits: ‘There Was A Point This Series

Married At First Sight UK returns to our screens on 29th August in what promises to be the most explosive season yet. How do we know this? Well, we sat down with the MAFS UK relationship experts to get all the gossip from the upcoming season.

‘Compared to last season, this one is bigger, better, bolder and more drama,’ Charlene Douglas reveals. ‘We have intruder couples that come in and rock the boat, some real honest conversations that happen this year. We’ve just got really big characters and shocking moments.’

Speaking of the cast, there are lots of questions about our new newlyweds. So, how are they comparing to the dramatic 2021 cast? ‘What I’m loving about this season is that we do have two gay couples, one male and one female,’ says Mel Schilling. ‘It’s just incredible for us, we were really leading the way last year having Dan and Matt, who are incredibly successful and all loved up living together, but this year we have a lesbian couple as well. So, it’s so wonderful to inject that spirit into the group and show normal relationships between same sex couples.’

Any standout cast members? The experts give little away. ‘There are definitely two people that pop up in my mind straight away,’ Charlene laughs. ‘Let’s say there’ll be a few new hashtags with some of the things people were saying, we’ve got some real funny characters.’

What they can say though, is that you should absolutely expect some intermingling between the couples – as the show has become famous for. ‘You will see mayhem,’ Mel shares. ‘We find intruder couples are such an interesting part of the experiment because it’s halfway through so our couples have got to a point where if the relationship is going well they can get into a false sense of security, or if the relationship is not going well they can start to look around and consider what else would be on the menu. It does challenge our couples on so many levels.’

‘Look out for the body language, the facial expressions and the eye contact when the intruder couples come in,’ Charlene hints.

But that’s not the most shocking moment of the season. Paul admits that one of the biggest bombshells one of comes from the experts themselves. ‘There was a point halfway through the series that I was heavily, heavily disgruntled,’ he says. ‘I was like walk off, leave disgruntled. I don’t know how much of that will play out but that’s the most memorable to me.’

Well, it looks like we’re going to be glued to our screens…

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