Her hot takes have often caused viral moments on social media and Brittany Renner’s conversation with the Tonight’s Conversation podcast isn’t any different. The social media personality is the mother of a son that she shares a son with PJ Washington, an NBA player who is currently with the Charlotte Hornets. The ex-couple reportedly met while Washington was in college and according to The Sun, he was 18 when she was 26.

Over the years, Renner has been subjected to criticism from people who condemned her for dating a teenager and later having a child with Washington when he was in his early 20s, but she has repeatedly defended herself by mentioning that Beyoncé was allegedly 18 when she dated Jay-Z, who was also 12 years older than her. 

Beyoncé previously mentioned that she was 18 when she met her husband and 19 when they began dating. While on Tonight’s Conversation, Renner engaged in a discussion about age differences once again.

“There’s a 12-year age gap, is what we’re talking about,” she said in a clip shared on Instagram. “So, if I’m 30 years old and I’m talking to your son that’s 12 years younger than me, what’s the problem?” Randi Rossario Maples told her that just based on life experiences alone, she wouldn’t want a 30-year-old woman dating her teenage son. She added that she has two sons and wouldn’t advise them to date a woman 12 years younger than them, either.

Renner once again brought the Carters into the conversation, suggesting that there is often a double standard about men dating younger versus women. 

“Immediately the conversation went to comparison, I hold both parties accountable,” Maples replied. Check out the clip below.