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‘Drag Race Philippines’ Q&A: Prince Marell talks ‘Beyoncé, Selena’ and those

Prince from ‘Drag Race Philippines’ was the first queen to be eliminated.

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Shangela. Miss Vanjie. And now Prince.

The first eliminated queen from “Drag Race Philippines” is in good company. Her fellow early exits are proof that winning isn’t everything, henny.

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Prince, a renowned makeup artist with a formidable social media presence, says her drag is inspired by sci-fi. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate to the first episode’s talent show. Her burlesque number and blue runway look failed to impress the judges, and Prince sashayed away.

But anyone who loves Beyoncé is OK by me. Read on for more about Prince.

What’s your biggest takeaway from the season? What did you learn about yourself?

Never downplay anything and come prepared for everything. Out of all the looks that I had to prepare, it’s the Darna one that I played easy and just said to myself, “I’ll do it when I get there”. Turns out, it was the first mini challenge, and I looked like sh**!  With my very short journey at the show along with all these talented drag artists, it made me realize that I am something. Just being a part of the amazing cast is such a big deal and proved to myself that I am somebody who’s worth it.

Where does the inspiration for Prince come from? Who inspires your art?

My drag persona is highly inspired by sci-fi characters. I love the idea of looking like a high form of supernatural beauty. Growing up, I loved femme fatale characters and incorporating that with drag is something that I love to do.

What was your biggest personal challenge on the show?

It’s true that I’m soft-spoken but it really is my personality to be reserved at first because I’m such an observer. But once I’m able to break out of that — I can be loud, catty and as bitchy as my Season 1 sisters. I’m pretty sure Marina and Eva can attest to that.

Is there anything you would change about your runway outfit?

I’d definitely trim the skirt and fix my undergarments. But the infamous shoes are not the same shoes I was supposed to wear on the show. It just so happened that when I was dressing up for the runway, the straps broke, and it was impossible to wear them anymore.

What about your talent?

Honestly, no. I do think that my talent was interesting and funny. Also, I looked really good with my custom Mara Chua outfit.

Do you remember the moment you knew you wanted to do drag and be a performer?

I always wanted to try but really wanted it to be a special moment. Halloween was about to happen, and I was thinking about what I should do for a party. A popular drag contest with lip sync battles happened with the theme “Disney on Ice.” I went as Prince Charming in drag because I knew the other girls would come as Disney villains and…

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