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The Baron may be retired, but Levi’s annual ball will continue

Although Davis Tillman will not be reigning over the Baron’s Ball, the annual fundraiser for Levi Hospital is set for Nov. 5 at Horner Hall.

“Yes, the Baron retired,” Jackie Arrison, the hospital’s vice president for development, said. “And so it’s amazing, too, the people that have thought that the Baron’s Ball was completely over because we had announced, you know, at last year’s event that Davis Tillman was retiring, but the Baron’s Ball is going to continue.”

Just as in years past, the event will have its own theme.

“People have always expected a show, you know, with a cast and a crew and, you know, a wild theme, something that they could dress the part if they wanted to,” Arrison said.

“So, as a committee, we decided that no matter what we do, we have to give them some type of theme that will give them the opportunity to dress up if they want to.

“And, of course, going Hollywood is pretty easy, you know, because you can dress as if you were going to be on the red carpet that night, just in whatever your favorite attire would be, or I really do hope that we see some Marilyn Monroes, or, you know, some of the old movie stars, new movie stars,” she said.

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This year’s event was challenging with Tillman not being the driving force behind the show, Arrison said.

“The hardest part with the show is that he had such a skill set … to be able to put together a cast and put together a crew that could, you know, help run the show,” she said. “And then he has so many connections, you know, throughout the United States for Cirque du Soleil-type performers that could come in and do, you know, something from the ceiling or an act on the stage that, you know, you just kind of have to know kind of where to look for those people, and how to negotiate, you know, the price with those people. And he had warehouses full of things … props, you know, for the stage.”

“The Red Carpet Gala” will start at 6 p.m. with guests walking the red carpet with dinner starting at 7 p.m.

“When people come through the doors, we’re going to have a red carpet, paparazzi, a videographer, you know, talking to people as they come through on the red carpet,” Arrison said. “We want them to come through the Grand Lobby of the convention center, and then that will lead them to the plaza lobby, which is right outside of Horner Hall.

“So all of that’s going to look and feel the same because, you know, every year was a different theme, so every year was a different decor. So it will be beautiful, glamorous, glitzy, you know, lots of excitement,” she said.

The silent auction that has been popular in years past will also return and there will be local art, travel vouchers and more, she said.

“You’ll see some local artists who’ve made some donations — anything from, you know, art, glass to paintings to sculptures,” she said. “Then, of course, local…

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