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”In your highest moments, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you!”:

Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry took it to Twitter to discuss the event at the Oscars, talks about Denzel Washington instead

Tonight was a very eventful night. After the long day of March Madness, we got our Final Four for both men’s basketball. Next weekend, we will see Kansas take on Villanova, and Duke battle UNC for the first time ever. For women’s basketball, we got two teams that made it to the Final Four, and the other two we shall find out tomorrow.

However, what happened during the evening overshadowed everything. During the 94th Academy Awards, Chris Rock got smacked by Will Smith on-stage. Rock made some distasteful comments about Jada Smith and her medical condition, and Will Smith did not tolerate the same.

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Stephen Curry, just like countless others, saw the same, and could not contain himself from reacting to the same.

Stephen Curry quotes Denzel Washington, talks Will Smith-Chris Rock, and celebrates Oscar Win

Tonight was a big night for Stephen Curry. The documentary named ‘Queen of Basketball’ which he was an executive producer, along with Shaquille O’Neal, won the Oscar.

He celebrated the same by putting a story on Instagram about it.

Curry also celebrated Stanford Women’s Basketball team taking down Texas with a comment on the Will Smith-Chris Rock situation.

Steph also did not want a great Denzel Washington quote to get buried amidst all the drama.

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Well, I guess just like a lot of athletes, Steph does not condone violence, but wasn’t totally against what Will Smith did. Chris Rock crossed a line, and deserved what came at him. However, Steph chose to focus on his childhood hero Denzel Washington, instead of getting caught up, delivering a statement on the drama.

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