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Recording Woody’s Toy Story Lines Leaves Tom Hanks In Pretty Rough Shape

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Hanks detailed his strenuous experience voicing the beloved character:

Well, I have never gone into a recording studio for Woody without wishing it was already over. Because he is clenched, he is a clenched person, and everything he’s going through is the crisis of his moment. And to stand, and not being really able to move, because you can’t go off microphone, and embody this — I mean, I’m getting clenched just thinking about it now. I have driven home after a four or five, sometimes six-hour recording session, and my diaphragm, just, it hurts, it aches.

The not-so-fun fact Hanks shares is not the end of the world by any means, especially since he’s paid quite handsomely for his pain, but it goes to show how much effort the decorated actor delivers, no matter the project. Even when Pixar extended the trilogy with a fourth film, Hanks committed to the role just as much as the previous entries. The exhausting nature of the animated character is never enough to deter him from nailing it time and time again.

With two Academy Awards under his belt for live-action performances, Hanks’ time as Woody may not immediately be regarded as the most impressive feat of his career. However, it may just be the one that outlasts almost everything he has ever done.

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