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Will The Rock return to WWE and Wrestlemania? Triple H talks about the

One of the most beloved stars in WWE history is The Rock, who with his brilliant performances in the ring captivated thousands of fans of the wrestling company in his career, and although he is officially retired, there will always be, for a figure of his caliber, the opportunity to return, and that one is set for Wrestlemania 2023.

The Rock retired for the first time at the beginning of the 21st century, but had several appearances in some WWE shows and in the big events of the company, but they were not as often as the fans wanted. With more than half a year to go until Wrestlemania 39, which will take place in 2023, the invitation is open for the former wrestler and now Hollywood star.

This was announced by Triple H

The new creative head of the company after the retirement of Vince McMahon, who during an interview with the British media BT Sport opened the possibility for the legendary Dwayne Johnson to have a new appearance.

If Triple H is sure of something, is that The Rock would like to feel again the adrenaline of getting to the ring, everything that represents the road in an event like Wrestlemania and appear before thousands of fans on a stage and millions at home.

The Rock told Triple H that he wants to feel that adrenaline

“I had that conversation with him and he’s told me that,” said Triple H, who made it clear that no filming set will give The Rock the energy and chills of being in front of thousands of fans in the ring, “I know The Rock wants to feel that adrenaline rush one more time.” The clock is ticking and each day will be one less for Wrestlemania.

It is not yet a fact the return of The Rock and much less if it would be one, two or more times that he can be seen in the ring, but even Triple H is already starting to plan what would be a total success, as the venue of the WWE’s top event will be the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, a city where The Rock is beloved for his movies.

Triple H made it clear that Roman Reigns, Dwayne Johnson’s real-life cousin, would be ideal, as he has had one of the company’s longest reigns as champion and people would be fascinated to see them in the ring. Triple H’s plan is already on the table, it will only be The Rock’s decision to accept it and return to the ring.

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