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Brad Pitt’s Style Revolution Is The Best We’ve Seen In 2022

Celebrities spend an inordinate amount of time fussing over fashion – but it’s when they stop giving a f*ck and start dressing however they want that we start to see real magic happen. Case in point: Brad Pitt.

The 58-year-old (who, criminally, has only ever won two Oscars) is ageing like a fine wine. He’s always been one of Hollywood’s most stylish leading men, but it seems that he’s finally embraced his status as one of the entertainment industry’s most powerful figures to pioneer an extremely powerful new personal aesthetic.

He’s currently been on a tear across the world promoting his latest film, the raucous ensemble cast action-comedy Bullet Train, during which he’s consistently shown up his co-stars thanks to his unique take on fashion.

Maybe it’s because of the hectic pace of this promo tour but Pitt’s been rocking some super comfy yet rather slick outfits which are helping shift the norm for what’s acceptable red carpet attire – in a good way.

We break down Brad Pitt’s new style direction and what pointers you can take from it and integrate into your own wardrobe (as well as elements you might want to avoid).

Slacker Suits

Drawstrings and denim: Brad Pitt loves a relaxed suiting look.

Something we’ve seen over the last two years (perhaps thanks to COVID) is that the sort of outfits actors are wearing to promotional events and on red carpets for films have become far more varied and far more casual.

Brad’s clearly taken note because at virtually every promo event for Bullet Train, he’s worn some sort of casual tailored suit. Well, we say tailored inasmuch as they seem to be custom made, but they’re actually consistently pretty loose-fitting and the trousers feature drawstring closes. It almost appears as if he’s freeballing, but we won’t speculate. You can be the judge of that…

Getting Skirty

Feeling the breeze in Berlin.

The fashion item Brad Pitt’s worn that’s got the most attention lately was the brown linen skirt he wore to the Berlin stop of the Bullet Train press tour, which he paired with a brown linen jacket, pink linen shirt, tortoiseshell sunglasses and biker boots.

Brad’s just the latest in a growing number of high-profile male celebrities who’ve embraced the whole men wearing skirts trend. Other proponents of the look include musicians like Harry Styles, Kid Cudi and Lil Nas X; comedians like Dan Levy and Pete Davidson; and athletes like Harry GarsideLewis Hamilton and Russell Westbrook.

Actually, Brad’s got form when it comes to wearing women’s clothes, famously posing for Rolling Stone in the 90s in a range of wild dresses.

Boiling Up

Brad Pitt arrives in Kyoto rocking a boiler suit.

From slacker suits to boiler suits: Brad was also spotted wearing a grey boiler suit whilst in Japan, a rather no-nonsense garment that rather contrasted with the platinum $US39,990 Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition (ref. LB0920131C1X1) on his wrist.

Some might argue that the…

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