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Celebrity healing priest Fr. Joey Faller to launch book ‘Lockdown with Jesus’ in

Fr. Joey Faller

An average of 300,000 pilgrims flock to the Grotto of Healing and Purification of the Kamay ni Hesus monthly. The seven-hectare property of Kamay ni Hesus is filled to the brim with 60,000 pilgrims during weekends. They come to pray, hear mass and seek healing from the resident priest and founder of Kamay ni Hesus, celebrity healing priest Fr. Joey Faller.

Fr. Joey shot to fame back in 2005 when actress Sandy Andolong had been suffering from abnormalities in her intestines, gall bladder, kidney, uterus, and pituitary glands but was healed after he prayed over her.

Sandy became physically weak after the end of her television series in 2003. She was confined in the hospital after having vomiting bouts and underwent  a series of tests to find ailments in her five internal organs.

The hand of Fr. Joey

It was her husband Christopher de Leon who is the founder of the Oasis of Love Catholic Community that introduced Fr. Joey to her. The healing priest is also a member of Oasis of Love. She went to Kamay ni Hesus and the priest prayed over her.

The actress briefly lost consciousness when Fr. Joey placed his hands on her head — what we refer to as being “slain” in the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after, Sandy went back to her doctors for another check-up and  results showed all organs, previously diagnosed with ailments, were clear from any ailment or abnormalities. Other notable recorded miracles of Fr. Joey: the healing of Siony Yap from cancer of the ovary; healing of stage 4 kidney cancer of Hernando Banta ; and the healing of the infertility problem of Joey Macarandang, who now has a child. 

During the pandemic, Kamay ni Hesus was closed due to government restrictions to contain the COVID-19 virus in the Quezon province. This gave Fr. Joey time to meditate and write his new book, “Lockdown with Jesus.”

In an exclusive interview with the healing priest, Fr. Joey tells us more about the book: “These are my daily reflections during the pandemic – that it was a spiritual re-awakening, rebirth, renewal and purification of the world. I wrote to give hope and light to the people who are sick and hopeless. I used the daily gospel readings and tried to relate it with what people are experiencing now – depression, worry and anxiety, placing emphasis on the Easter Sunday experiences and not the Good Friday experiences. I tried to inject in my reflections  in the challenges of this pandemic to our faith and life. I focused on what should be our Christian responses to the various storms in life.”

Father Joey’s gift of healing came after a near-death car collision experience he had back in 1994. The accident damaged the nerve of his fingers on his right side, resembling the hands of the Sto. Niño and of the hands of the risen and victorious Christ. “It was God’s way to reveal to me that I couldn’t possibly be the one doing all the healing. It is God that heals. I am simply God’s instrument of His…

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