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Worth Watching: ‘Good Fight’ Returns, ‘Pinocchio’ with Tom Hanks leads Disney+

Andre Braugher joins the cast as The Good Fight returns for its sixth and final season. Tom Hanks is Geppetto in a live action/CGI remake of Pinocchio, one of many offerings on what is being billed as Disney+ Day. Lost’s Matthew Fox returns to TV in a Peacock ecothriller. Hulu turns the romcom on its head in Wedding Season. NBC presents the NFL Kickoff with the Bills playing the Rams in Los Angeles.

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The Good Fight

Season Premiere

The ridiculously entertaining Good Wife spinoff enters its sixth and final season with chaos on the streets of Chicago and within the law firm now led by Liz Reddick (Audra McDonald). “My world feels a little bit out of control,” confesses Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) to an unconventional doctor (Mad Men’s John Slattery) as she seeks some mental equilibrium. Good luck with that, now that the bosses on the top floor have installed the flamboyant Ri’Chard (Andre Braugher in full swagger) as a new name partner. While Marissa (Sarah Steele) struggles with her courtroom chops and Carmen (Charmaine Bingwa) acquires a dangerous new client, the case of the week is provocative as ever, involving an assault charge stemming from online avatar role play.

Tom Hanks Gepetto Pinocchio

Movie Premiere

“I’m not one to pass judgment on what’s real,” quips a CGI Jiminy Cricket (voiced by a folksy Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in a new version of the classic about a wooden puppet’s journey toward becoming a real boy. Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) directs this charming live action/CGI-animated remake of the 1940 Disney favorite, with Tom Hanks perfectly sympathetic as the lonely woodcarver Geppetto. (Freeze the frame to catch all the Disney easter eggs amid his wall of prized cuckoo clocks.) Benjamin Evan Ainsworth provides the voice of the adorable Pinocchio, with Cynthia Erivo warbling “When You Wish Upon a Star” as the magical Blue Fairy. (Several new songs were written by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard.) The cast also includes a robust Keegan-Michael Key as the theatrically foxy “Honest” John, Luke Evans as the fearsome Coachman and Lorraine Bracco as a newly created character, the trusty seagull Sofia. Because Pinocchio needs all the help he can get to be the “brave, truthful and unselfish” boy he was meant to be.

Last Light Matthew Fox Peacock

Series Premiere

Part international eco-thriller, part disaster movie, this contemporary action miniseries (with all five chapters available for binge-watching) stars Lost’s Matthew Fox as Andy Yates, a scientist trying to avert a global attack on the world’s energy infrastructure. He’s stuck in the Middle East while his family—wife Elena (Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt), his climate-activist daughter Laura (Alyth…

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