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John David Washington Isn’t So ‘Worried’ About What Denzel Thinks, But Shares

John David Washington’s acting career started in 2015 when he had a role in the HBO drama series Ballers. With his Oscar-winning father Denzel Washington being in the acting world for 40 years longer, people can’t help but constantly make comparisons. Luckily, the 38-year-old isn’t “worried” about what his father thinks of his acting, and he has shared a major life lesson the Philadelphia actor taught him that influenced his career.

The Tenet star will soon be making his Broadway debut in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson, and he is attached to the film adaptation that is being produced by Denzel Washington as well. It looks like the son taking after his in that Denzel Washington performed as the lead in August Wilson’s Fences during its 2010 Broadway revival being directing, producing, and starring in the big screen version released six years later. According to People, John David Washington was asked if he feels self-conscious with his father watching him act during a press conference promoting the play, and he said,

Am I nervous when [my father is] watching me on stage? I don’t know yet. Maybe. I might not even be thinking about it because I’m thinking about the notes from my director. I don’t know if I have time to be nervous about what he thinks.

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