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The DC Universe Is Making A Mistake With Black Adam

The DC Universe is making a mistake by centering Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, because it is losing its sense of heroism.

By Nathan Kamal
| Published

The DC Universe is in a very chaotic state right now, as it always seems to be. The first generation of movie stars that Warner Bros. brought in to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe largely seem to be departing, with Ben Affleck mostly out the door, Henry Cavill moving on to other iconic characters, and no word of what is happening with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3. By all reports, it looks like the DC Universe is preparing to refresh and re-center around one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Dwayne Johnson, in Black Adam, and we are here to say that is a very big mistake.

The upcoming DC Universe movie Black Adam is maybe their most hyped ever, with perhaps only Justice League having the kind of pre-release promotion push it is receiving. Much of that has to do with Dwayne Johnson himself, who did not get to be the single biggest movie star in the world without having a firm handle on self-promotion and marketing blitzes. However, it is still a bit odd that the DC Universe, one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, is trying to center itself around a second-tier anti-hero character like Black Adam, just because Dwayne Johnson really likes him. 

black adam dwayne johnson

The mistake that DC is making with Black Adam is simple, and it is not that they are hitching their wagon to Dwayne Johnson. That makes sense, given that the self-proclaimed “franchise viagra” boosted the Fast and Furious, Mummy, and G.I. Joe series when they needed it the most. But by promoting the villain of Shazam as the focus of the DC Universe over Superman, they are preparing to turn it into just another generic action franchise. 

To be fair, in DC Comics, Black Adam has become more than just Shazam’s archvillain; over the years, he has been re-characterized as a morally ambiguous antihero who can compete with Superman and Shazam on the power raw power level. In a sense, DC Comics has turned Black Adam into their version of Marvel Doctor Doom: a mega-powerful, mystical character who rules over his own fictional country (Kahndaq) and pursues his own ends whether they support or oppose those of heroes. But by turning Black Adam into the main tentpole character of the franchise, they lose something: a moral center.

Superman Henry Cavill

Superman has been positioned as the center of the World of DC for decades, which is to say, the single character whose sense of justice and rightness is something for other heroes to aspire to and for the villains to contrast. That’s the reason why it was so vital for Henry Cavill’s Superman to be resurrected in Justice League; on a narrative level, it may have been to have his super strength on their side, but on a larger symbolic level, it was because he represents heroism as a whole. What does DC’s Black Adam represent?

In a word, Black Adam represents power without mercy. While…

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