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WWE SmackDown recap & reactions: Paul returns, confronts returning Paul

It really is easy to hate Logan Paul, isn’t it? Not just for the YouTube schtick, the whole “I’m young and successful and willing to do anything for views” gimmick, but just the way he carries himself. He’s the kind of guy you’re glad to see get his ass whooped when he inevitably overextends himself against an actual tough guy.

Speaking of…

Paul kicked off Friday Night SmackDown this week to bring up the fact that he set up a match with Roman Reigns on his podcast, and he wants to have a press conference with him. Another Paul showed up to answer him, as Heyman made his long awaited return to television after a layoff to sell injuries he sustained at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Somehow it feels like we’re a long way from all that.

Indeed, Paul’s pitch for a WWE title match, which he didn’t official lay down a challenge for but made clear was coming, is that he could maybe land a lucky punch and be the guy to end Reigns’ long run as champion. After all, the great Floyd Mayweather couldn’t put him down in a boxing match. Maybe Roman Reigns won’t be able to do so in a pro wrestling match.

It’s the kind of laughable claim that works in a setting like this, namely because plenty of the fans watching wouldn’t know better. And, hey, it’s a heel program, even if Paul fancies himself the babyface.

The real babyface in all this is Sami Zayn, who stepped in to handle things and got his clock cleaned by the apparently devastating punch Paul plans to use to beat Reigns for the strap. The fans didn’t like it, and you shouldn’t either.

Sami was instantly thrown into a bout with Ricochet and the two put together a beauty of a TV match. In it, Jey Uso once again butted heads with Sami, this time costing him a win and Zayn getting good and fed up with it and confronting him. Ricochet used the distraction to take everybody out with a big dive and followed up with the shooting star press for the victory.

Before The Bloodline could attack, Madcap Moss hit the scene with a chair to even the odds, standing alongside Ricochet and Paul. It was a very well put together open that made sense all around, considering Ricochet had a previously match with Zayn and Moss also had a North American title shot booked for later, and they furthered Zayn’s issues with Jey.

Just not sure how crazy I am about Paul vs. Reigns coming off this.

Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan had a confrontation backstage during an interview segment, and it was actually pretty damn good:

Rousey still doesn’t respect Morgan, despite having lost to her twice, no matter the circumstances of those defeats. The way WWE has played this, Rousey is absolutely right to act this way. Morgan is still fighting for respect, so much so that she’s the one who asked for an Extreme Rules match in their next battle.

“It’s your funeral,” Rousey responded after a chuckle.

It’s as good a setup as any for yet another…

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