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Brad Pitt’s $100M Blockbuster Made Michael Jordan “Scared” for One Reason,

Michael Jordan was a formidable presence on the basketball court. As he stepped onto the hardwood, a wave of unwavering confidence was felt throughout the arena, scaring opponents out of their wits. ‘His Airness’ is widely regarded as one of the most fearsome competitors ever, and for the right reasons.

The offensive onslaught he delivered nightly had the opposing teams often gasping for air. All he did was provide a masterclass of pure hooping, which made defenders’ blood run cold. It is a known fact that no one on the basketball court could intimidate the Chicago Bulls legend. Interestingly though, a Hollywood blockbuster by Brad Pitt had Jordan scared stiff.


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The six-time champion once made an appearance on the ‘Rosie O’Donnell Show’ in 1999. Jordan had put his hooping talents on hold as he was enjoying his second NBA retirement. He expressed how he was spending more time with his family and doing things he didn’t do when he was entertaining the world as a basketball player.

The Bulls legend then said that he has been watching a lot of movies, referring to himself as a movie buff. He named ‘Matrix‘ as his favorite film at the time. He went on to list another blockbuster film he would like to watch but is in fact scared of.

“‘Fight Club’, I’m scared of that”, Jordan said. When asked if he had seen the film, he responded no, but that he was going to see it. Rosie O’Donnell then remarked that she does not think he would enjoy the movie because it involves a lot of fighting, blood, and blowing up things. Jordan, however, stayed adamant about watching it despite everything saying, “I’m going to watch it anyway… I look forward to it.” 

Michael Jordan may or may not have seen Brad Pitt’s $100 million blockbuster. And it’s safe to assume that it’s bound to remain unknown given the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.

Michael Jordan surprised the world by coming out of retirement for a second time

Following the Chicago Bulls‘ second three-peat, then-general manager Jerry Krause decided to blow up the team. This led Michael Jordan to land on the decision of retiring from the game for the second time in his career. While the world thought it had seen the last of the NBA legend, he chose to startle everyone with a sensational return, again.


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Jordan joined the Washington Wizards as a 38-year-old. Despite being well past his prime, the six-time NBA champion continued to captivate the globe with his hooping talents. In fact, MJ scored 51 points in a game, fully exemplifying the adage “class is permanent.”


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