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Coco & Eve’s Hair Mask May Give Your Locks 26X More Hydration

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If you feel like you’re living in a perpetual bad hair day, you may need to call in the big guns — otherwise known as a fantastic hair mask! They’re ideal for taming frizz and can completely change the aesthetic and texture of your locks.

But of course, not all masks possess the same power. Some offer a more temporary solution which may not last for the long haul, while others penetrate deep into your strands to leave your hair feeling fully restored. Then, there are the top tier masks which both work fast and leave you with long-lasting results — like this one from Coco & Eve! It helps repair hair in just five minutes, and most importantly, makes it feel seriously soft and smooth.

Sweet Repair Hair Mask

Sweet Repair Hair Mask
Coco & Eve

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Get the Sweet Repair Hair Mask for just $35 at Coco & Eve!

There are a ton of powerful ingredients in this mask that help your hair reach its full potential, including hyaluronic acid and a vegan form of keratin. Damage from sun exposure, varying chemicals or hot tools that your hair may have experienced can be reversed to a degree after just one use. We’re intrigued — and impressed!

This mask yields some seriously remarkable results: It’s been clinically proven to reduce hair damage by 65% and make it 26 times more hydrated. It may also improve hair shine, reduce pollution by 50% and generally make your hair feel far stronger. With all of these benefits, we think anyone who wants to take better care of their strands should give this mask a shot.

See it!

Get the Sweet Repair Hair Mask for just $35 at Coco & Eve!

That said, everyone’s hair is different, so results are not a one-size-fits-all situation — but from what we gathered in the reviews, this mask is an all-around winner! After introducing it to their routine, shoppers claim their hair has become “so manageable,” not to mention “soft and shiny” to boot. Reviewers who have bleached and color-treated their locks were particularly impressed with how much this mask has been able to help them. They’re thrilled to announce that their hair is the “healthiest it’s felt it years.”

You can use it as often as you need or limit it to once a week depending on your hair’s progress. Start at about halfway down your head and apply a generous amount to your hair, then use a wet brush to ensure even distribution. From there, just wait for five minutes, and you’re all set! It’s that easy — we’re sure your locks will thank you.

See it: Get the Sweet Repair Hair Mask for just $35 at Coco & Eve!

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