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“We Should All Be Married to You”: Jennifer Aniston Envied Stephen Curry as Wife

NBA has come a long way in terms of fitness and diet. Modern NBA athletes rely on special recovery equipment and closely-monitored diets to deliver their best on the basketball court. Most players hire experts to control their diets and food habits to be in the best shape. However, the 2022 Finals MVP Stephen Curry does not have to depend on experts to tell him what to eat. The baby-faced assassin is quite lucky to be married to Ayesha Curry, a cooking expert herself.

Ayesha is a renowned cookbook author and cooking show host. Back in 2019, Steph’s wife joined Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres at TheEllenShow. Ayesha announced her original digital series ‘Fempire with Ayesha Curry’.


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She prepared mango lemonade cocktails, guacamole, and chips, along with egg noodles for Jennifer and Ellen. Ayesha impressed everyone with her cooking and cocktail-making skills. Aniston was in awe of Ayesha’s cooking and wished she was married to Mrs. Curry.

Jeniffer Aniston gets Jealous of Stephen Curry

Ayesha talked about how ritualistic Stephen is before the game. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Ellen keenly watched Ayesha work her magic in the kitchen. Ayesha also revealed that she loves making pre-game protein bowls for her husband. 

Jennifer Aniston got really excited by seeing Ayesha’s pasta. Aniston said, “This looks amazing. We should all be married to you.” The famous actress seemed jealous of Dubs Stephen Curry of having such a wonderful cook as his significant other.

Ellen and Ayesha were surprised by Jennifer’s reaction. The crowd burst into laughter at the comments. Soon after, Ayesha joked, “I can say that I wouldn’t mind.”

How long have Steph & Ayesha been together?


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Stephen Curry met Ayesha Curry in a church when both of them were teenagers. The duo first met in 2003, even before the four-time NBA champ made it to the league. However, they did not start dating before 2008. Steph proposed to Ayesha in 2010 after dating for two years. The couple got married a year later.

The loving couple has three kids together. Moreover, Stephen and Ayesha have been married for over 11 years. They make one of the best star couples in the NBA who are deeply in love.


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Curry has shown a great deal of dedication to Ayesha and their family. Fans would hope that their bond continues for a long time to come.

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