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Is Speak Now (TV) Or 1989 (TV) Next? Here Are Theories

If you’re a Swiftie, or maybe even if you aren’t, you know Taylor Swift loves to plant easter eggs. Usually about her next album or collaborative project on social media, in interviews, and even in the way she dresses. Her secret clues and hidden teasers began the infamous Swiftie Fan Theories, which have lived in our minds rent-free ever since they started!

Image Source: Vanity Fair via @swifferupdates on Twitter
Easter Eggs

Taylor acknowledged her love of teasers in an interview during Red (Taylor’s Version) release week with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. She explained the origin of the hints as a way to incentivize fans to read her lyrics – back when she wrote secret messages inside her lyric booklets. She wanted people to truly understand the songs, but the messages quickly took on a life of their own!

All I started thinking of was how do I start hinting at things? Like how far is too far in advance? Can I hint at something three years in advance?

Taylor Swift on The Tonight Show

Ever since that interview, we’ve been contemplating everything. With Taylor’s re-records being released in a different order than the original albums, fans have been searching for clues as to which album is next. The Swifties have some fan theories…

The current debate dividing the fandom is which will come first: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) or 1989 (Taylor’s Version). We’re here to give you the breakdown of each argument and maybe connect some dots! Or maybe this will wind up being another Five Holes In The Fence

Image Source: Taylor Swift on Instagram

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

Fans have been speculating for months! These theories date back to January 2022, when Taylor Nation posted this graphic announcing Taylor’s Record Store Day ambassadorship. The graphic has purple and red text, matching the colors of the Speak Now and Speak Now Deluxe covers. It also has exactly thirteen purple stars and they posted it thirteen weeks before Record Store Day.

Image Source: Record Store Day

You might argue that the graphic was just meant to promote Record Store Day in a bright way that’d get our attention. But that’s not our only hint that Speak Now is the next rerecording! Shortly after Red (Taylor’s Version) came out, signed copies popped up on her site for $20.10 – the Speak Now album came out in 2010. And the price was written in (you guessed it) purple.

Image Source: Taylor Swift Merch Store

Fans also speculate that because of the song ‘Back to December,’ Taylor could announce Speak Now TV that month, inviting us as fans “back to December.”

One of her most recent merchandise collections was heavily themed with the color purple. This included purple heart-shaped pool floats and a tie-dye t-shirt with “Taylor’s Version” printed on the front.

Image Source: Taylor Swift’s Merch Store via @TSWorld

1989 (Taylor’s Version)

While there have also been many hints at a 1989 drop – including…

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