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The World’s Most Coveted Beauty Appointment with Simon Ourian, Kim Kardashian’s

Each day, Dr. Simon Ourian receives some 200 messages from people around the world seeking an appointment for his cosmetic surgery (and non-surgical) services. In a landscape filled with med spas, many are willing to journey across continents to his Epione clinic in Beverly Hills, prepared to pay what is tantamount to the price of a car for treatment from him.

They sometimes have to wait for two years to be scheduled ­– a waiting list that has lengthened considerably in these past months, as global travel has opened up again.

“Unfortunately, we have to turn away many people,” said Dr. Ourian. “I want to be able to dedicate myself completely to my patients while they are in my care.”

Dr. Ourian is an accomplished artist and sculptor, but when he is with his patients his reassuring presence and peerless expertise are some of the reasons that an appointment with him is as coveted as it is. People fly in from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe (more than half of his patients are from outside the U.S.), rather than find a doctor closer to home.

Those fortunate enough to make his client list have plenty of support even before they step into his clinic; Dr. Ourian’s team helps with everything from acquiring visas to booking after-care services.

For his patients, the results they have witnessed on his social media (he has 3.5 million followers on Instagram) or in the pages of celebrity magazines are worth the effort to get here – as is the exhaustive range of services he provides – everything from fillers to laser skin resurfacing, hair replacement therapies, beautifying body procedures. After all, those who can afford the best, as well as those who may have to plan and save for years, perceive their time with Dr. Ourian as the most transformative investment they could make in their own lives.

Beauty is a currency,” said the doctor. “Beyond Instagram and selfies, an aesthetically enhanced face is your best accessory and, seemingly, the best investment.”

The walls of Simon Ourian’s clinic are lined with photos of the famous faces ­– Lady Gaga, the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, Cara Delevingne – that Dr. Ourian has worked on; Kim Kardashian has dubbed him “he artiste.”

Another patient says of the doctor, “his attention to every last detail of the face is astounding…. he has the brain of an artist and insists on doing every measurement, every procedure and every filler himself.”

His ability to marry science and art is at the core of his approach. Two decades ago, Dr. Ourian was one of the early pioneers of non-invasive procedures. He grounded his theories in the Fibonacci sequence, the mathematical pattern that appears repeatedly in nature, observing how many facial elements follow this formula. He seeks to achieve symmetry in the face and has acquired the rare ability to glance at a patient and quickly assess which injections, fillers, or…

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