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Taylor Swift’s 4 Songs of the Summer May Surprise Even Her Biggest Fans

Swifties have ensured that summer (like fall, and winter, and spring) is the season of Taylor Swift. While the chart-topping superstar gets plenty of airplay all year round, Swift’s regular trips to the Billboard Songs of the Summer list have cemented her status as a go-to artist for summer anthems. It’s never easy to predict which new song will captivate fans. But warm weather and Swift go together like the singer and the number 13.

Taylor Swift proved something with ‘Bad Blood’

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<p>Swift’s summer-anthem trend really started falling into place in with her album <em><a rel=1989. After landing a No. 1 hit in summer 2014 with the upbeat “Shake It Off,” she was back atop the Billboard charts in November with “Blank Space” (via Billboard).

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