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Toy Story 5 Rumors Swirl After Tim Allen And Tom Hanks Meet Up, But They’ve

Despite the fact that the character of Buzz Lightyear was recently voiced by Chris Evans, based on the box office, it looks like most fans might be partial to the adventures of Tim Allen as the toy version, alongside his buddy Tom Hanks as Woody. This is why a lot of fans may have gotten excited when pictures recently emerged of the pair having breakfast. Unfortunately, anybody hoping for Toy Story 5 on the horizon can probably relax. The pair were probably just having lunch.

Due to the fact that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have been part of the Toy Story franchise for years, the pair have certainly had enough time to get to know each other. Tom Hanks has spoken before that Woody and Buzz are friends in real life, so when TMZ posted pics of the two together, they were probably just catching up. Hanks has previously said…

We actually have become very close simply because of the union of Woody and Buzz. After we made the second one, we began to have regular lunches about every three months or so in which he and I sit down. And alcohol is not involved. It’s just we sit down and we talk for about three and a half hours straight every time we get together and we do seek each other out in order to touch on all the aspects of our lives. Certainly professionally.

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