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Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for September 26, 2022

After announcing their separation, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are trying to work things out (PEOPLE has the details). After so many years of marriage and raising kids together, it’s understandable why they would try everything before finalizing their divorce. Per the PEOPLE sources, their friends are supportive and this was a “wake up call” for Sly. That’s all fine and good, but what about covering the tattoo of her face with a dog? How do you walk that back?!


I’ve been a little curious about Bennifer 2.0’s wedding officiant, Jay Shetty, because he’s a former monk and “purpose coach.” He’s also the Chief Purpose Officer (I’m not being sarcastic) of Calm and has a podcast. He says he’s known Jennifer for a long time and even performed wedding ceremonies for the promo tour on Marry Me. He also married Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell and posted about that but you know he can’t post about Jen and Ben. That’s an On the JLo exclusive!


Do you think Karlie Kloss knows her “looking camp right in the eye” tweet is a meme? She was not looking camp in the eye at that Met Gala. Nor is she giving “before and after my morning coffee” in photos that were probably taken 10 seconds apart. My conspiracy theory is that Karlie, Brie Larson and Nina Dobrev share an AI caption generator. 


Page Six has a story about how the commentary about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s marriage is “sexist” and the source who made the claim wouldn’t expand on that.   Their issues are probably more complicated than presented but the narrative – that she’s irked he retired and unretired – doesn’t seem sexist to me. Gisele has given up prime earning years to be a consistent parent while Tom dedicated most of his time to football (between pre-season, regular season, training, post-season), plus the game takes a terrible toll on the body. From the consensus I’ve seen online (and to be fair, I do not follow any sports people), many understand Gisele’s position. It still seems there’s a distance between them as their kids were at the last game with Tom’s family and she didn’t attend.


In the opener today, Sarah wrote that we are in year 72 of the Don’t Worry Darling press junket. Don’t worry? All we’ve done is worry! We need rest. But not quite yet. In the press cycle for a regular, not super-dramatic movie, this post from KiKi Layne would be a much bigger story. Maybe it will grow into one?


Am I late to the Do Revenge party? I’m obsessed. Lainey is a week ahead of me on it and covers all the reasons this is an absolute must-watch here. Do. Revenge. 

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