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Bachelor in Paradise’s Kira Mengistu is a doctor in life-threatening illnesses

Kira Mengistu is still on the search for love after her attempt to win over Clayton Echard on The Bachelor didn’t work. She is also a doctor who works on a treatment team looking after patients with life-threatening illnesses.

She now joins the Bachelor in Paradise line-up with plans to get engaged by the final episode. Little do some ABC fans know that, away from filming, Kira has a seriously academic job which aims to save people’s lives.

After securing her degree at the well-established Harvard University in 2011, Kira has gone on to secure a job in medicine alongside her reality TV fame. We conducted a major operation to find out her career background.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – ABCs Bachelor In Paradise stars Kira Mengistu. (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images)

Meet Kira Mengistu

Kira was a contestant on the 26th season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in week three before joining Bachelor in Paradise for its eighth season. The 33-year-old currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She looking for a man that will look at her the way she looks at French fries. The ABC contestant taught herself to write hieroglyphics as a child, loves nachos and has two cats, Olga and Oksana.

The physician loves her career practicing internal medicine but is ready to put her professional life on hold so she can truly focus on herself for a change. Let’s hope she finds love in Paradise!

She is a doctor alongside BIP

Kira currently works as a doctor when she’s not busy filming BIP. She already has bachelor’s degree from Harvard, her MBA from University of Pennsylvania, and a medical degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.

She is a leading physician at Penn Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania Health System, as per her LinkedIn page. The contestant has worked there since 2019, following a three-year physician role at Cambridge Health Alliance.

Back in 2014 to 2017, Kira worked for the NC Department of Health and Human Services as a medical case examiner where she fielded calls from law enforcement and local medical examiners about suspicious deaths in North Carolina.

Kira cares for Covid-19 patients

Kira works as part of a treatment team responsible for the care of medically-complex patients with life-threatening illnesses, including directly managing the care of hundreds of patients with Covid-19.

During the height of the pandemic, the BIP star shared a photo wearing PPE. Fans have shared messages of appreciation on the star’s Instagram, thanking her for her dedication to the health service.

She worked on the expanded Covid ICU department in May 2020, and was dubbed a “hero” by her social media fans.

One follower wrote to her in December 2021: “Thanks for your service, talent, and just doing what you gotta do for the people. And by the way, you are oh so beautiful @kiramengistu keep up the good work.”



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