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Kenan Thompson’s SNL colleague, Chris Redd, is dating Kenan’s ex-wife, Christina

Kenan Thompson’s SNL colleague, Chris Redd, is dating Kenan’s ex-wife, Christina Evangeline. By all reports, there is no animosity between the parties, but I must say, the optics of this are terrible


Kenan filed for divorce from Christina in May of this year, but sources say the two have been separated for a while and initially intended to divorce back in 2019. Kenan and Chris have worked together for years, sharing five seasons together on SNL. In addition to his role on SNL, Chris also co-starred on Kenan’s self-titled NBC sitcom for its two season run. Apparently, Chris and Christina have known each other for about six years – right before Chris landed the SNL gig.

The comedy community is small. The Black comedy community is even smaller. The SNL Black comedy community? If you move too fast, you might miss it. That’s why Kenan is so well-respected. He is the longest-running cast member on SNL – no small feat for a Black man who’s only in his forties He’s also a comedic and entertainment genius, and it’s believed he’s got some input on the show. So it’s no wonder there’s speculation about whether Chris’s recent announcement that he won’t be returning for another season has anything to do with his new love interest. He certainly wasn’t the strongest castmate on the show, this we know. Remember when he took to Twitter to call out media outlets for failing to acknowledge him in their SNL writeups? Poor guy.


His departure is being chalked up to an Audible project he has in the works with Lorne Michaels. But who in their right mind walks away from SNL for an Audible project? And with Lorne Michaels spearheading the project, you’d think arrangements would be made for him to do both, as Kenan did while he juggled SNL and Kenan. In his August appearance on the Smartless podcast, Kenan detailed a hectic schedule of travelling between New York and L.A. to execute both of his shows. This kind of thing is nothing new for celebrities – whether you’re a musician, an actor, a comedian, you do what you gotta do.

I’m really at odds trying to decipher how Kenan feels about this. Especially considering how being Black often serves as an immediate glue that bonds people, especially people in a niche profession together. These are guys that worked closely with one another, shared their creativity, attended award shows together. Chris Redd wasn’t just some work acquaintance. In addition to that, Christina wasn’t just some chick he went on a few dates with. This was a woman with whom he shares an 11-year-marriage and two daughters, Georgia and Gianna.


But that’s where the other side of the argument comes in. What if Kenan feels a bit more at peace with the fact that he at least knows the man who is in his ex-wife’s life, and ultimately, the lives of his daughters? 

And then I get really messy (insert devil emoji here) and wonder if Christina orchestrated this relationship to get back at Kenan for filing…

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