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Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for September 30, 2022

As noted a few times already today, a young Indigenous creative cohort is on the rise and that includes activist, actress, and model Ashley Callingbull. She was at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. And it was just announced last week that she’s joined the cast of The Great Salish Heist which is filming now. 


Ashley’s also had a big year so far. Back in the spring she was in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. 

Acclaimed journalist and author Brandi Morin’s book Our Voice of Fire was released a couple of months ago. Brandi is a Survivor of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls crisis and in her memoir she writes with empathy and compassion, telling the “stories of those who did not survive the rampant violence”. Brandi’s work is vital, her voice is essential, and her book is a must-read.   


Storytellers like Brandi document the horrors of the past and present to protect future generations from the cycle of trauma, so joy and hope are also critical to the conversation. There’s still not enough of that represented in entertainment media but there are projects that are in place and in progress that celebrate Indigenous cultures and give Indigenous children a chance to see themselves and their communities onscreen. Spirit Rangers is one of them. 


We all know there’s a downside to social media. But social media is also where Indigenous influencers are finding an audience while doing their thing. And their thing can range from educational videos honouring the stolen children in the residential school system but also fun hair and makeup videos. 


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