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Dubai Bling star Zeina’s net worth as she went from $300 to ‘self-made

Zeina Khoury went from having $300 after getting off the plane in Dubai to becoming a “self-made millionaire.” The Dubai Bling star has lived in the successful UAE city for 15 years, but just what is her net worth today?

After landing in what she calls the ‘Diamond City’, she’s a real estate CEO and was part of the team that founded Palazzo Versace Dubai. Because her name is tied to the hotel, she says she’s now known as ‘The Queen of Versace’.

The new Netflix reality TV show follows the lives of extremely rich people living in Dubai. Zeina is one of them, and so Reality Titbit looked into just how she made her money after placing a foot there.

Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Netflix

Zeina Khoury’s net worth

Zeina’s net worth is estimated at $310k, Arabian Business reports. She is the CEO and chief growth officer of High Mark Real Estate Brokers, a specialist luxury property sales and management leader in the country.

She has a higher fortune than co-star Safa Siddiqui, who is worth $180k, but just falls short of marketing consultant Farhana Bodi’s net worth which is reportedly at $380k at the time the show launched on Netflix.

Zeina revealed that she only had $300 when she first landed in Dubai, but went on to become a “self-made millionaire.” She often wears designer clothes while managing her company, where 27 employees work for her.

How Zeina made her fortune

She started her career as part of the business development team at the Palazzo Versace Dubai and D1 Tower where she successfully contributed to the planning, training of the executive team, and oversight of the sales operations.

This led to over AED3 billion in deal value. She is bilingual and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Banking and Finance from the Notre Dame University, where she learned her trade before Dubai Bling!

Now, Zeina is making her mark in the real estate industry. In 2009, she acquired High Mark Real Estate Brokers which was affected at the time by the global financial crisis and turned it into one of the most successful local industry firms.

As a player in the local market, the company has $2.5 billion in deal value to date. With over 15 years of experience in senior management roles, Zeina is also a TV and radio star who has presented entertainment shows in the Gulf region.

Dubai Bling star’s age

Born on December 13, 1983, in Lebanon, Zeina is 38 years old and moved to Dubai in 2006. She has two young children called Joe and Alexa and has been married to Hanna Azzi for over a decade. 

After growing up in her native country, she completed her schooling in 2001. While Zeina was still in education, her country was in the middle of a war, which prompted her to move to Dubai and find employment opportunities.

Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Netflix



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