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Dwayne Johnson on How Dirty Harry Influenced the Superhero Film

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is going strong on the big screen, the actor’s passion project has certainly begun to change the hierarchy of the DC Universe. The movie not only introduced the titular character but also the Justice Society of America and to the joy of millions of fans, brought back a fan-favorite character to the fold. In a recent chat with AMC Theaters, Johnson discussed, taking inspiration from Dirty Harry and showcasing Black Adam as a force of nature in the movie.

The actor revealed that Clint Eastwood is his favorite actor and that he loves “early cowboy westerns, Dirty Harry too.” He then explained that it was the idea of director Jaume Collet-Serra who suggested, “Why don’t we in the spirit of disruption… why don’t we make the Dirty Harry of the DC Universe?” Adding, “and in that spirit, he’d create a lot of dialogues, philosophically” including what defines a superhero, a supervillain, and “maybe what makes a protector, a champion of the people?” The idea comes across best in the trailer with Doctor Fate’s dialogue that Black Adam has two options, either he “can be a destroyer or the protector of this world.” The character also stands out in the superhero genre as traditionally superheroes don’t kill but Black Adam does, and the movie has made a point of it.


Johnson further elaborates on the introduction of Black Adam in the movie and about showcasing the “force” that the anti-hero is. He reveals, “We get one shot to introduce Black Adam and acknowledge his power, so within that first 15 minutes, when it was time to rock and roll and show you the unstoppable power and force of Black Adam. We did it in a way that was incredible. I mean, it was jarring in the best way.” He further acknowledges the comparison between Black Adam’s powers to that of Superman’s, saying, “when it comes to superpower one of the coolest things about Black Adam is that he goes pound to pound with Superman.” He elaborated that Adam is right behind Superman when it comes to power and brute force, “just enough that would make you think ‘I don’t know who would win that one.’ And in order to create that question, we got to show Black Adam’s force and power at the beginning of the movie.”

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The movie has received a middling reception from critics but has been a hit with fans and viewers. It is currently dominating the second week of its global box office with a total of $250 million worldwide.

Black Adam is in theaters now. You can check out Johnson’s comments below:

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