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Jacob Anderson Revealed The True Nature Of Louis And Lestat’s Relationship In In

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Despite Tom Cruise being the subject of more than a few scandals, there’s simply no denying his impact on cinema. Among his many great films is Interview With The Vampire, alongside Brad Pitt. The 1994 horror film is based on a novel of the same name by beloved author Anne Rice, who passed away in 2021.

Given the popularity of both the novel and the Tom Cruise film, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has produced a meta-spin-off series on AMC. The show, which was created by Rolin Jones, features two new actors in the iconic roles once played by Cruise and Pitt. The ongoing series stars Sam Reid as Cruise’s Lestat and Game of Thrones’ Jacob Anderson as Pitt’s Louis de Pointe du Lac.


So much of the success of the series lays on the shoulders of these two men and their insanely complicated relationship. In a recent interview with Vulture, Jacob went into detail about the push-and-pull of Lestat and Louis’ relationship and how it changes the former character forever.

Spoilers Ahead For Interview With The Vampire Season 1

Are Louis And Lestat Lovers?

According to, there’s no question that Louis and Lestat’s relationship in the Anne Rice books is more than platonic. Not surprisingly, the characters in the 1994 Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt movie don’t exactly display this type of affection. The AMC series, however, is the opposite. It’s abundantly clear that Louis and Lestat have something sensual and romantic going on between them. But it’s far more complicated than that.

As pointed out by Vulture, the character of Louis de Pointe du Lac is filled with conflict, mostly in relation to his transformation into a vampire. But also with his relationship with Lestat, who has no problem sleeping around with others. According to Jacob, Louis is the opposite.

“I do think Louis is a monogamous creature,” Jacob Anderson said in his interview with Vulture. “He wants a traditional family structure within this relationship with Lestat. Lestat being like, ‘Yeah, you can do what you want’ — that spins him out.”

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Of course, the series takes place over multiple timelines and therefore the dynamic in their relationship alters. But, for the most part, the two are always battling it out in some form or another. Usually, Louis is the far more sensitive one.

This was beautifully portrayed in the scene where he asks Lestat if he is “enough”. In his interview with Vulture, Jacob explained his scene partner, Sam Reid is the reason the moment works so well.

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“I have to give props to Sam. That unhinged laughter is something Lestat says about himself in the books. It’s something he can’t control. When he feels vulnerable he bursts into these fits of…

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