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Tom Hanks’ surprise ‘SNL’ cameo has a Bay Area shout-out

Five-Timers Club founder Tom Hanks made yet another appearance on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, which also happened to include a subtle nod to his Bay Area roots. 

Hanks, who famously grew up at various residences throughout the East Bay, had a surprise cameo in a skit about an Alcoholics Anonymous group that gets a little off topic. It all begins when Bowen Yang asks host Jack Harlow’s character, Jesse, to share his thoughts with the group, which he has never done before. Jesse seems hesitant, but admits there is “something he’s been thinking about for a while” — his perfect idea for a Pixar movie about lost luggage trying to find its way home.

This derails the discussion as other members of the AA group wonder whether the suitcases have personalities and offer up new character suggestions, like a neck pillow with a voice that sounds like a Minion. They even draft up a heartwarming song for the animated movie before Yang arrives upon a crucial question for the group.

“Who’s going to play the main suitcase, our everyman? Our Woody?” he asks, referring to the “Toy Story” character.

Naturally, that’s when Hanks walks in.

“Is this AA?” he asks to uproarious applause from the studio audience. “I’m Tom H. I’m here just to research a role and also I may be an alcoholic.”

The meeting is set inside a church that may be familiar to Bay Area viewers. The exterior of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church makes an appearance in an establishing shot for a split second at the beginning of the skit — in the same city as Skyline High School, Hanks’ alma mater, and the Oakland Coliseum, where the actor sold peanuts and soda as a teenager. Anne Jensen, the church’s assisting priest, confirmed the sighting to SFGATE on Monday. 

“Yo, Tom,” Harlow says to Hanks at the end of the skit. “If you were a suitcase, what would your catchphrase be?”

“Well, I guess it would be something like, ‘That really snags my zipper!’” Hanks replies. 

The actor also reprised his popular David S. Pumpkins character for the episode. 

Watch the clip below:

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