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Former WWE writer on The Rock possibly helping 38-year-old star to defeat Roman

Vince Russo recently discussed the possibility of The Rock helping Sami Zayn win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns to set up their much-anticipated WrestleMania 39 match.

The Honorary Uce is the most entertaining performer in WWE today, with fans rallying in his support whenever he appears on the screen. Zayn’s segments with his fellow Bloodline stablemates are thoroughly riveting. However, viewers think this is just a momentary association, and we could soon see Sami Zayn stepping up to challenge Roman Reigns.

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, host Dr. Chris Featherstone pitched the idea for Zayn to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Title. He explained that The Rock could come out and help The Honorary Uce win at Royal Rumble. It would then set up a dream match between The Great One and Reigns for WrestleMania 39.

Vince Russo disagreed with this, saying he didn’t see a Hollywood star of The Rock’s stature helping Sami Zayn win.

“Man, I just got to tell you, you’re talking about the biggest movie star in the world [The Rock] giving Sami Zayn a rub? [Laughs] I don’t see it; I just don’t see it… Even Rock helping Sami Zayn win like I don’t… God I just don’t,” said Russo (4:32 – 4:56)

Check out the video below:


Samu thinks Roman Reigns would defeat The Rock

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Samu, who belongs to the Anoa’i family, of which both The Rock and Roman Reigns are also a part, shared his prediction about the dream match.

He feels that since The Tribal Chief is in his prime and has plenty of time to devote to wrestling, WWE will have him beat The Bahama Bull.

“Whether it will come to fruit or not, who knows,” Samu said. “But, knowing WWE, they’ll probably do whatever it takes to make it happen. I would pick Roman because I feel that he has the youth, the strength, and the time to dedicate to the fans of the wrestling federation,” Samu said.

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It remains to be seen if the highly anticipated match between The Rock and Reigns will materialize for WrestleMania 39 or if fans will have to wait longer.

Do you see The Brahma Bull getting involved in the current storyline involving The Bloodline? Sound off in the comments section below.

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