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Why Kim Kardashian Is Getting Shade For North’s Halloween Costume

The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian is getting backlash from fans, because she dressed North West up as Michael Jackson for Halloween.

The Kardashians celebs know how to make statements with their Halloween costumes, but Kim Kardashian is getting quite a bit of shade for dressing North West as Michael Jackson on October 31, 2022. Halloween has to be one of the Kar-Jenners’ favorite times of the year. Members of the famous family usually go all out with their costumes, and this year was no different. Kim was seen in her dazzling Mystique outfit, inspired by X-Men, while Kendall Jenner opted for a Jessie costume. Jessie is a character from the Toy Story franchise. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were seen as horror film character Chucky and his bride, Tiffany Valentine. Kim’s four children dressed as different musicians. However, only North’s costume seemed to trigger some fans.


Kim’s children wore Aaliyah, Sade, Snoop Dogg, and Eazy-E costumes. The outfit that stirred up controversy was North’s Michael Jackson costume. According to Kim‘s IG Stories, she donned the actual Off-White cap that the late Michael once wore. She completed the ensemble with a black leather jacket, matching pants, and a white t-shirt. Smudges of Michael Jackson’s makeup appeared to be visible on the “Smooth Criminal” hat. Apparently, Kim bought the hat for North at an auction back in 2019, along with a jacket that the King of Pop had used. The garment was altered for North, in such a way that it could be modified to fit her as she grew.

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North West Dressed As Michael Jackson

A fan found it unfair that Michael Jackson’s kids couldn’t own this important piece of clothing, which had been worn by their dad. Instead, they had to see North wearing it as a Halloween costume. Other fans pointed out that owning (or borrowing) clothing and accessories from icons who passed away isn’t something new for Kim. A commenter stated that Kim had once worn a Marilyn Monroe dress, and this time, it was North who wore Michael’s well-known hat.

Fans felt that the costume choice was a misfire, as they believed that North probably did not know who she was dressing up as. One person called out Kim, remarking that she should let her kids dress up as whomever they want to portray. They felt it was very obvious that Kim’s children didn’t select their own outfits. In their opinions, this made their Halloween celebration less fun than it could have been. Some critics thought that Kim was trying to get attention, and dressed her kids as musicians just for the sake of publicity.

Since Halloween is over, the controversy should die down soon. Nonetheless, it is very unlikely that viewers’ reactions will stop North from donning the cap from time to time. Since The Kardashians love serving looks for Halloween, fans most likely…

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