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Dom Maker of Mount Kimbie’s listening diary: ‘I honestly think Liv.e is the next

12 October

9am I woke up fairly early and was out of the house by 8.30am. I’m in London at the moment, which is quite rare because I live in Los Angeles, but we’re working on the next record. I’m staying in an Airbnb in Clapton and the studio is in Tottenham, so I cycle along the River Lea. This morning was a very sunny day, and cold – which is something I’m not really used to any more so it was actually quite refreshing.

I was listening to a song called Roof by Wiki, which is off his 2021 album Half God. I’ve listened to it thousands of times; once I latch on to a record, I just go over it again and again. In the song, he’s talking about being on his rooftop in New York and he describes the people down below, everyone sort of being in a simulation. It’s a really visually inspiring piece; I remember feeling that in that moment, it felt really applicable to London. He describes the wind hitting his face and releasing the endorphins, and that’s kind of what I was doing in some way because I was on a bike. It was just a really cool moment.

Wiki, Roof – video

4pm I headed to Tottenham Hale station to get the train because it got really cold and the sun was starting to go down. It was a pretty miserable, drizzly situation and I was snuggling up in my coat as best as I could. I was listening to 48 by Maxo featuring Pink Siifu, a song I’ve heard countless times because I executive produced the album it’s from. The beat is by Madlib, which is just sick; I had the privilege of chopping in a couple of effects. It feels really good listening to music that you’ve been involved with. Initially, when you listen to it, you notice every single minor detail, it’s like this task to be completed. Then it’s kind of pleasurable, being able to just enjoy it as a listener, and to take pleasure in the lyricism and the overall presentation of the music. Maxo and Pink Siifu’s verses are just so good.

8pm I arrived at Aspers Casino poker room in sunny Stratford; it’s pretty bleak and dingy to be honest. I played poker for years and I recently got back into it. For me, it’s one of the best games ever, it’s so interesting and multilayered. I usually listen to music to try to stay focused and not get bored: when you get bored, that’s when you start losing money. You start pushing it, you’re trying to force things to happen. I put on Thowy’s Revenge by Benny the Butcher; he’s got this attitude that’s so powerful, and that’s the kind of presence I’d like to have at a poker table, a sort of “don’t mess with me” presence (in my own stupid way). I listen to his record a lot, but it just felt fitting to have something that was quite mean in that moment.


13 October

10.45am Walking to the Co-op in Clapton and I’m listening to Maxo’s selections on our NTS show. We’ve currently got a residency in the lead up to our record Die Cuts, and…

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