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We tried Brad Pitt’s skincare line, Le Domaine: Our honest review

At this point, it’s getting tough to name a celebrity who hasn’t launched their own skincare line; still, most were surprised when Brad Pitt announced that he too was getting into the beauty business.

While the 58-year-old “Fight Club” actor has one of the most famous faces in the world, he’s never voiced an interest in cosmetics.

In fact, in the British Vogue story heralding the launch of Le Domaine, Pitt’s new wine-inspired skincare range, the Oscar winner admitted that ex Gwyneth Paltrow was the person who “got [him] to even wash [his] face twice a day … maybe.”

Paltrow’s own Goop brand, which sells skincare products (among many other things), partly motivated Pitt to offer a beauty line of his own. As did his stake in Château Miraval, the winery he purchased a decade ago with one of his other exes, Angelina Jolie; the pair are currently embroiled in a bitter legal battle over the property.

We were curious about Brad Pitt’s pricey new skincare line, so we tried it out for a week.
Page Six Style; Le Domaine

Pitt developed the genderless Le Domaine brand in partnership with the Perrin family, the same vintners behind his Château Miraval wines, and the products are all based on the antioxidant power of grapes.

Inside each bottle, you’ll find GSM10, a patent-pending blend of several grape varieties — purportedly ones with the “most potent antioxidant effects” — created by oenology professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre. A second exclusive compound, called ProGR3, includes grapevine-derived resveratrol and claims to combat visible signs of aging; it was developed by Dr. Nicholas Lévy, a leading scientist in the rare genetic disorder progeria (which causes premature aging).


Brad Pitt poses with Le Domaine co-founder Marc Perrin.

Le Domaine


The products’ wooden caps come from recycled wine casks.

Le Domaine

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But all that science is going to cost you. Le Domaine currently offers three products: The Cleansing Emulsion ($80), The Serum ($385) and The Cream ($320), all housed in refillable bottles topped with wooden caps recycled from old wine casks.

To find out whether Pitt’s trio of products are worth their high prices, we got our hands on the line and tested them out over the course of a week. Check out the video above for our honest review of the experience, and read on to learn more about (and shop) the products we tried.

Le Domaine Cleansing Emulsion
Le Domaine

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