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MCU Director Teases RDJ Tony Stark’s ‘Complicated’ Connection to Ironheart

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever might be first and foremost about the world of Wakanda and its protector, but the project also sets up Riri William’s Ironheart as a new mainstay character. Now, given her suit-building tendencies, the film’s director touched on how the character relates to Robert Downey Jr.’s original Avenger.

In the comics, the two heroes aren’t intrinsically linked. However, Riri does eventually get a new AI in her suit, one that is an exact replica of Tony Stark himself.

When it comes to the MCU, there are no immediate signs that this is the direction the live-action adaptation will go. In fact, it hardly seems like there’s any connection between the two characters at all.

So in what ways do they actually connect? Well, it’s complicated.

Ironheart & the Tony Stark Legacy

Ironheart, Marvel Studios

In an interview with DesiNerd, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler talked about Iron Man and his connection with Dominque Thorne’s Ironheart.

The director noted how it’s “complicated,” but that for Wakanda Forever, Riri Williams “is a supporting character in [the] film,” one who is “in concert with a lot of other characters:”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a great question. I don’t want to put any spoilers out there… I know you all haven’t seen the film yet. I know the same for your audience. But yeah, there is a connection there between her and Tony, but it isn’t… it’s a complicated connection. And Riri is a supporting character in this film, so she’s there kind of in concert with a lot of other characters. But she does play a major role and we will get to know a little bit about how how she became who she is when we meet her in this in this film.”

Coogler then expressed how he feels that Riri “is a bit of an audience surrogate in [the sequel],” one who “doesn’t really have any direct experience with Wakanda or with Talokan:”

“In many ways, I expect audiences to connect with her, because she is a bit of an audience surrogate in this film. She’s one of the few main characters in the film who doesn’t really have any direct experience with Wakanda or with Talokan. So she’s kind of the every person. She’s kind of reacting to things and seeing them for the first time, whereas the other characters are stoked in in the cultures of of Wakanda or Talokan, if that makes sense.”

He pointed out how Ironheart “has some things in common with [Shuri] but is also very, very different:”

“She brings a different type of energy, but she also has some similarities to characters that we’ve seen in this universe before. The film deals with a lot of things, but one of them is foils — people who exist in contrast, but there’s a thread of similarity. In this film, we get to see Shuri meet someone who has some things in common with her but is also very, very different.”

The director admitted that what he loves about Riri is how “she is just fully herself:”

“I love the fact that she is just fully herself. She’s…

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