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Tom Hanks on Lightyear recasting: I don’t understand

Add “Toy Story” star Tom Hanks to the list of people who wanted to see original Buzz Lightyear voice actor Tim Allen return to the Pixar franchise for the Buzz spinoff film “Lightyear.”

In an interview with CinemaBlend to promote his new film, “Elvis,” Hanks was asked whether or not it felt strange to compete with “Lightyear” at the box office, since Hanks, who voiced Woody, helped the “Toy Story” franchise gross more than $3 billion worldwide since 1995.

“Actually, I wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen, and then they didn’t let Tim Allen do it. I don’t understand that,” Hanks said of his onscreen buddy. The new film replaced Allen with “Avengers” star Chris Evans as the boastful space ranger and Disney put the Captain America actor at the forefront of its marketing campaign. 

When the interviewer then mentioned Evans’ popularity, Hanks responded, “Yeah, yeah, I know. But here’s the thing: Just as long as people come back to the motion picture theater. I want to go back into the theater with a bunch of strangers and leave with something in common. That’s what I want to do.”

Throughout the years, fans have fallen in love with Allen’s portrayal of the character. The star most recently voiced the character in 2019’s “Toy Story 4.” In an interview with Extra, Allen addressed the recasting, saying that he mostly stayed away from the online chatter about the film because “it has nothing to do [with my Buzz Lightyear].” 

That’s mostly true: “Lightyear” posits that the Buzz Lightyear toy Allen voiced in “Toy Story” was based on the film “Lightyear,” which Andy, the child protagonist of the original film, loved as a boy. “It’s a wonderful story,” Allen said of the new film. “It just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy, and it’s a little…I don’t know. It just has no relationship to Buzz. It’s just no connection. I wish there was a better connection.”

Hanks isn’t the only famous Allen supporter. Actress Patricia Heaton also publicly questioned why Allen wasn’t playing Buzz in the new film.

For his part, Evans has been complimentary of Allen’s work in the “Toy Story” franchise and said he used Allen’s voice acting as a guide. “He did such a good job, and I’d be a fool not to acknowledge the work he did,” Evans told Vanity Fair. “But I couldn’t just do a shameless impression. I had to somehow create my own understanding of the character, and try to make some fresh tracks in the snow while paying homage to the great work that he did. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to make my own interpretation, and part of that was lowering the tone of my voice. I basically have to lower the register of my voice in everything that I do.”

But according to director Angus MacLane, “Lightyear” required more from Buzz than Allen had provided in the prior installments. “Tim’s version of Buzz is a little goofier and is a…

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