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Kim Kardashian’s stylist Chris Appleton has two children with his ex-partner

Kim Kardashian‘s stylist Chris Appleton often appears on The Kardashians to fix her hair up ahead of red carpets and appearances. Viewers are wondering whether he has a partner, but it turns out he is currently single.

He is usually kept busy making Kim’s hair 10/10, but has a busy life as a father-to-two when he’s not styling celebrities. And it’s not just the Kardashian that he styles hair for but other top fame too, such as Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez.

So, who is Chris’ ex-partner and two children? Fans are eager to find out more about not just his love life but his social life, net worth, and how he juggles fatherhood with such a busy career to keep up with.

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Chris Appleton’s ex-partner

Before coming out as gay in 2009, Chris was in a relationship with Katie Katon, who works as the managing director of hair salon George’s Hairdressing. He is currently single but still considers his ex-partner his best friend.

The hairstylist told Grazia Daily that he recalls panicking to Katie – who he got into a relationship with while working at her salon as a teenager – when he moved to Los Angeles in 2016, as he feared that he “gave it all up” for nothing. 

Chris and Katie split in 2009 after having two children. He then reportedly began dating Derek Chadwick in 2018, as per Quick Celeb Facts, but they haven’t appeared on each other’s social media profiles in recent years.

Kim Kardashian’s stylist has two children

Chris and Katie share custody of two children including son Billy and daughter Kitty-Blu. Billy was born in the UK but now lives in Los Angeles and often spends time with his father. They went to Coachella together!

His daughter, who also lives in the USA, recently turned 18. The makeup artist-in-training recently moved from England to Los Angeles to live with her dad while honing her craft.

When Kitty-Blu was young, he would practise hair styles on her. She had blue extensions in her hair at the age of six! She told Allure that she’d love to style Kim with her dad, but also “likes having my own thing,” and said:

I’d love that. I want to be known as a makeup artist, not as Chris Appleton’s daughter.

Chris brought both of his children to LA not so long ago, and often gets dressed up for events with them. Billy recently turned 18, as he was born a year before his younger sister.

Chris’ impressive net worth

Chris has a $1 million (£851,710) net worth, Quick Celeb Facts reports. He is an ambassador for Color Wow Hair and represents IMG Models. Plus, models like Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss are on his list of impressive celebrity clients!

The Sun reports that Kim pays Chris $2,000 a day to style her hair. Katy Perry and Ariana Grande’s hair have also been under the spell of his hair magic in the past, which highlights just how sought-after he really is.

His career began when he entered to be cast in the BBC television competition Young Hairdresser of the Year, and in 2010, when he was…

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