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Denzel Washington to talk about Hollywood, faith and life at TD Jake’s upcoming


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Photo: Instagram

Denzel Washington’s career is unrivaled—both on and off the screen, his passion for impacting the world shines through, said Jakes. Denzel’s wisdom, business prowess, and ability to mentor and mobilize has indelibly influenced the world, and I am honored to welcome him to the International Leadership Summit.

If you haven’t heard, Denzel Washington has plans to discuss Hollywood, faith and life in the spotlight at TD Jakes’ International Leadership Summit (all things that I am interested in). Someone as accomplished as Mr Washington, spanning decades and eras of fame and celebrity status, I look forward to the gems he will leave with us.

It is my first time hearing about the event. Still, the two-time Oscar winner and 2022 nominee will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, to inspire aspiring and tenured entrepreneurs, leaders and a group of people referred to as “influential change agents” in…

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