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Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise’s Divorce Settlement Reportedly Included A Rule That

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Back in the year 2012, it seemed like everyone who cared about pop culture was talking about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why people were interested to see how the former power couple’s marriage would end.

Given the fact that Cruise has been one of the biggest movie stars in the world for decades and Holmes has enjoyed a successful career, the couple had a lot of money. As a result, many observers wondered if Cruise and Holmes’ divorce would become one of the costliest in celebrity history.


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Another reason why people paid a lot of attention to Cruise and Holmes’ divorce was the fact that they share a daughter. Fortunately, unlike some divorced couples, Cruise and Holmes never got into a bitter custody battle, at least as far as the public knows. That said, fans were interested to learn Cruise has paid a lot in child support.

Despite the fact that people were so interested in Cruise and Holmes’ divorce, there was one detail that most people seemed to miss. According to reports, part of Cruise and Holmes’ divorce settlement affected Katie’s dating life for years after their marriage ended.

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Divorce Settlement Included A Strange Rule

When the world learned that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were getting divorced, many people suspected that there might be some major fireworks that followed. After all, many celebrities have made dark claims about their exes while getting divorced.

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Despite the potential for a lot of drama, it turned out that Cruise and Holmes’ divorce was settled surprisingly quickly and smoothly.

In the years since the former couple’s divorce was finalized, it became increasingly clear that there is a reason why Cruise and Holmes’ divorce went so smoothly. From all indications, Holmes wanted the divorce over quickly.

According to reports, Cruise agreed to pay Holmes $400,000 annually in alimony. While that is a huge amount of money for most people, Cruise is extremely wealthy. As a result, it seems extremely likely that Holmes would have prevailed if she fought for more.

In the vast majority of divorces, the most headline-grabbing details are the financial deals that are struck. However, if the reports are true, there is another detail about Cruise and Holmes’ divorce that is a lot more mind-blowing.

According to a Radar Online report, Holmes agreed to a series of rules designed to make sure she didn’t embarrass Cruise following their divorce. Amazingly enough, one of those rules was that Holmes couldn’t date anyone publicly for five years after her marriage to Cruise ended.

“Katie signed a clause in her quickie…

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