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Brad Pitt accused of stressing Aston Martin team by extending his stay at U.S.

Brad Pitt was present at the United States Grand Prix as part of his preparation for a new filming role related to Formula 1, yet he has been accused of stressing the Aston Martin team.

Pitt was in the Aston Martin garage during the preparations for the race, and it is understood that he spent more time there than expected.

Brad PItt was seen in Austin, Texas attending the latest edition of Formula 1

According to Motorsport Magazine, team principal Mike Krack admitted that Pitt‘s presence had messed up the team’s schedule.

Pitt annoyed Aston Martin

Aston Martin haven’t enjoyed a particularly good 2022 season, and although they have Fernando Alonso coming in 2023 there is a lot to work to do for them to improve.

“They were with us for a very long time, much longer than expected,” Krack told Motorsport Magazine.

“To be honest, it even messed up our schedule.

“We were a bit stressed then. We’ll support the project as best we can and see how involved we are.”

Sky Sports were snubbed by the actor

The United States Grand Prix didn’t necessarily enjoy having the Moneyball star so heavily involved.

Whilst his fame brought additional eyes to the event, there are those who accused Pitt of not showing Formula 1 the respect it deserved.

With Pitt having already derailed Aston Martin‘s pre-race plans, he then alienated a section of supporters when he appeared to blank Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle.

Brundle, a former F1 driver himself, produces a grid-walk feature in which he talks to various celebrities on the grip at a race.

His feature has grown in popularity and has become part of the zeitgeist of post-2000 Formula 1, be that with Sky Sports or the BBC.

TMZ released a video of Pitt ignoring Brundle‘s request for a few words, and fans have been left furious, especially with the assumption that the actor should be trying to get as immersed into the F1 experience as possible in order for his film to accurately portray the sport.

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