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Does Black Adam Prove The Rock Is Losing His Box Office Power?

Black Adam is the latest film in the recently rebranded DCU, with its box office returns taking a dip as of late, potentially proving that Dwayne Johnson is losing his box office power. Black Adam centers around Johnson’s Adam, an ancient superhuman freed from his magical prison to save the city of Kahndaq from a ruthless crime syndicate. Given Johnson’s presence in the lead role, Black Adam’s inclusion in the ever-popular superhero genre, and the surprise return of Henry Cavill as Superman, Black Adam’s box office began strongly.


Black Adam’s opening weekend haul domestically was the highest in Johnson’s leading career, pulling in a respectable $67 million during its opening weekend. Black Adam earned $75 million in its first five days in other territories, for a worldwide opening weekend total of $142 million. Since then, though, Black Adam’s box office has highlighted some problems, with the film sitting at around $325 million worldwide across its total run thus far. While this number certainly is not a total flop, other factors could prove that Johnson’s box office pull specifically is a thing of the past. When comparing this number to Johnson’s other movies, Black Adam’s box office tends to look more like a disappointment.

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Is Black Adam’s Box Office A Failure For DC?

Black adam box office

It is important to explore whether Black Adam would count as a failure for DC. Black Adam’s opening weekend looked very positive, with the $142 million accumulated almost equaling the box office totals of The Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman 1984, and Birds of Prey in just one weekend. When comparing Black Adam’s box office to other DCEU movies, though, it begins to look more like a failure. The $325 million total brought in by Black Adam thus far ranks it as the 4th lowest-grossing DCEU movie, only sitting above the aforementioned films. While this is somewhat positive, the three films lower than it were all released mid-pandemic, and saw some further success on streaming services.

Black Adam, with a star like Dwayne Johnson in its lead, should be aiming for higher than this. Given the budget of the film sitting at $195-$200 million, the film will likely not have broken even when taking marketing costs into account. While not a complete box office flop, all of this proves that Black Adam is somewhat of a failure for DC, especially considering 2022’s The Batman had a $750+ million haul.

How Black Adam Compares To Recent Johnson Movies

Black Adam Hobbs Fast and furious the Rock

Comparing Black Adam to Johnson’s other movies helps to get a better sense of how his personal box office power could be diminishing. Johnson’s other main franchise in Hollywood has been Fast and Furious, with Dwayne Johnson himself appearing in four mainline movies and his own spin-off. Before Johnson’s introduction, the highest worldwide total for a Fast and Furious movie was $360 million. Fast Five

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