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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cars: The Hollywood Star Has Taste

Back in 2006, Leonardo DiCaprio bought a Toyota Prius and described the then-new hybrid car as “a step in the right direction.” Immediately he was vilified by the right as one of the “liberal Hollywood elites,” which was unfair.

He was right, and history is bearing that out. Since then, car culture has largely forgotten or mocked DiCaprio. He has credentials, though. DiCaprio’s first car was a 1960s V8 Mustang as a kid. “It was incredibly fast, and I could smoke anyone on the road,” he told Top Gear.

However, you won’t see him photographed in the latest McLaren, Ferrari, or Lamborghini, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an enthusiast. Or that he doesn’t like to drive fast. He’s owned fast cars, but that’s not necessarily the mark of a car enthusiast. Being enthusiastic about cars is what defines a car enthusiast. And DiCaprio is an enthusiast, as we’ll see. And if you’re wondering about Leonardo Dicaprio’s car collection, you will be disappointed. He’s not a rich actor that stocks a garage full of collectibles. Instead, he puts his money where his mouth is (a lot of money) and owns just a couple of cars he loves to drive.

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