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King Charles, Princess Diana’s marriage was so explosive that ‘violence seemed

It’s no secret that King Charles and Princess Diana’s seemingly storybook romance turned out to be a nightmare – but one author claims things were much darker behind closed doors.

Christopher Andersen has written a new book about Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son titled “The King: The Life of Charles III.” He spoke to numerous palace insiders, as well as those who’ve known the former Prince of Wales or worked with him closely over the years. His goal was to further investigate the 74-year-old’s “lonely” childhood and military training, as well as several scandals surrounding his relationships that rocked the House of Windsor.

Andersen alleged to Fox News Digital that the marriage between Charles and Diana became so volatile that royal protection officers were wary of all the weapons scattered around the palace.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles looking stern at each other

Behind closed doors, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ volatile marriage raised eyebrows, author Christopher Andersen alleged.

“He has a huge temper,” Andersen claimed about the king. “I mean, it’s an incredible temper. The tantrums constantly and throwing a bootjack [at her]. It’s a heavy wooden device for putting on hunting boots, and it’s made of iron and wood. He threw it at Diana’s head and just missed her.”

It was Charles’s former valet Ken Stronach who alleged to Andersen that he was in the room “when Charles, in the middle of an argument with Diana, grabbed a heavy wooden bootjack and threw it at her, missing the princess’s head by inches,” as quoted in the book.



“But there are guns all over that palace,” Anderson alleged. “They love shooting parties. So there are shotguns and handguns for security and rifles [for] security forces… they were worried that there was such violence. So many screaming and shouting [and] slammed doors. Don’t forget Diana, when she was three months pregnant with [Prince] William, she threw herself down the stairs and landed at the feet of the queen and Princess Margaret. So there [were] many violent episodes. It could have gotten much worse. And [security] was afraid that not only somebody might commit suicide, that somebody might do harm, [but] we might be talking murder. So they tried to keep the weapons away from the royals.”

Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding

King Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage proved to be far from a fairy tale. According to multiple sources, it was doomed from the start.

Andersen wrote that during the marriage, Charles “had sunk into a deep depression” and thought he “was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.” He turned to one of his confidants, Arnold Goodman, and allegedly said, “I have nothing to live for.” Goodman allegedly felt that Charles was “showing the classic signs of depression.” Charles not only believed he was trapped in a loveless marriage, but he feared that a divorce, if it could even be granted by the queen, “would have grave…

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