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Here’s How Much Money Jennifer Aniston’s Haircare Brand Has Earned Her

Jennifer Aniston has amassed herself quite a fortune over the past several decades. Much of that wealth comes from her highly successful movie and television roles. But, endorsements and investments in beauty brands that she uses herself to help with her healthy glow have also allowed the actress to live a comfortable life. And the launch of Aniston’s personal haircare line just over a year ago is no exception.

Given that hair and the Friends alum are no strangers to one another, it is no surprise that there would eventually be a collaboration. Something that first took root when Aniston was a partial stakeholder in the brand Living Proof. A brand that she ultimately sold her shares in, in 2016.


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An enterprise that appears to have sparked the desire to join other celebrity haircare entrepreneurs, nonetheless. As just a short five years later, LolaVie debuted and there has been no looking back since.

Here is how much money Jennifer Aniston’s haircare brand has earned her.

How Much Jennifer Aniston Has Earned From LolaVie

With LolaVie celebrating its first anniversary in September 2022, it would be a natural time for The Morning Show star and her team to take a look back and see if the foray into the beauty market has been successful.

While there are not any concrete numbers available for how LolaVie performed since September 2021, there are estimates available regarding Aniston’s wealth in general.

According to StyleCaster, the Murder Mystery star was worth approximately $300 million in 2021. This factored in movie and television roles, endorsements, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

But, when it comes to the estimated wealth in 2022, that number skyrocketed to $320 million. And while some of that fortune can be attributed to her television and film projects, LolaVie is a factor as well. Meaning that the venture into the haircare market has proved to be a success for Aniston and her team.

Why LolaVie Is So Successful

Having a solid fanbase does not hurt when it comes to launching a product. But if that product is not quality or does not do what it claims to, there will not be longevity. Something that Aniston took seriously when working with developers to come up with a formula for products that would have her name on them.

It took five years for LolaVie and its original product, Glossing Detangler, to hit the shelves. One month later, Perfecting Leave-In was released. And the company stopped there. There was not a barrage of products to purchase.

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Instead, the focus was put squarely on making two high-quality haircare products that all women could use. The price point was such that it was not unaffordable.

And better still, the ingredients were vegan, paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and cruelty-free. That meant the health of…

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