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Beyoncé’s Cuff It dance challenge is still the best thing on TikTok

Beyoncé’s track Cuff It has its own TikTok challenge and it’s definitely the best trend of the year so far.

The 41-year-old released her seventh studio album Renaissance on July 29 2022 and the 16 tracks instantly became a hit with fans.

Alien Superstar and Church Girl are firm favorites on the album which is supposed to make you feel “unique, strong and sexy” according to Queen B.

However, the fourth song Cuff It is definitely the most catchy, and people on TikTok have made up a viral dance routine for it!

Christmas With You | Official Trailer | Netflix



Christmas With You | Official Trailer | Netflix





What is the Cuff It Challenge?

The Cuff It Challenge is a popular dance trend that simply involves doing a specific routine to the popular Beyoncé track.

It’s gone viral on TikTok and videos with the hashtag #cuffitchallenge have had a whopping 689.4 million views on the app.

The dance is really easy to learn and just involves crossing your arms and shaking your hips a bit. You really don’t need to be a professional dancer!

It looks even more effective when you do it with a group of people too, and the trend has actually been circling TikTok since August.

Entertainment Tonight explains that it was started by two TikTok users called Maycee (@maycsteele) and Kaitlyn (@ogpartyhardy26) who danced along to the song whilst drinking.

The moves started being copied and suddenly, everyone was doing the dance – including celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Kevin Hart and Whoopi Goldberg.

Watch this guy do it on the train platform:

These girls smashed it too:

Watch this tutorial

If you want to give the challenge a go, you’ll need to learn the dance. Thankfully, there are lots of tutorials on TikTok to follow.

Watch this slowed-down version to learn the routine:

Everyone did the dance on Thanksgiving

Learning the Cuff It dance seemed to be a popular Thanksgiving activity this year, with families across America attempting the challenge.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Everybody teaching their family the Cuff It Challenge today has me crying.”

“Congrats to all the families that nailed the Cuff It Challenge tonight,” said another.

A third person added: “My mom really forced us to do the Cuff It Challenge for Thanksgiving.”

“Why did my cousin try to make everyone do the Cuff It Challenge? Everyone ignored her,” another tweeted.

This family killed it – and so did this one!

It looks like the Cuff It Challenge will be coming with us into 2023, and we’re not mad about it.

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