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Rodney Petersen on Spending a Day With YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul

  • Rodney Petersen is a TikToker who has branded himself as a look-a-like of YouTuber Logan Paul. 
  • Petersen recently got a chance to meet and film with Logan Paul and his brother Jake. 
  • This is his story of what it was like to meet the influencers, as told to Charissa Cheong. 

Over the past year, I’ve developed an online presence as a look-a-like of YouTube star Logan Paul on TikTok. 

I never expected that this is what I’d be doing with my time, but after I made an account and people in my comments section said I looked similar to the controversial influencer, I decided to make being a doppleganger part of my online brand. 

I now have 207,000 followers and live with my wife and four kids in Iowa, where I build fences for a living. 

I would never have guessed that I would actually get to meet Logan Paul because of my TikTok account. But when I did, the experience was even better than I could have hoped for.

I was shocked when Logan Paul contacted me and agreed to film content together 

In October, Insider published an interview with me about my content and TikTok account. Shortly after the story came out, Logan Paul messaged me on social media and called me his “twin.” 

I was immediately starstruck and replied by suggesting that we meet up someday and film some content together. Logan seemed to like the idea. 

The next thing I know, I’m taking a 21-hour drive to Arizona, where Logan’s influencer-turned-boxer brother Jake Paul was going to fight former UFC champion Anderson Silva. 

A post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul)

The plan was for me and my family to watch Jake’s fight on October 29, and then film some content with Logan for both of our TikTok accounts.

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